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Class Motto:
Effort Leads To Success!
Welcome Parents, Guardians and Students.

January 16, 2020

Charlie Brown
Welcome parents and students to our class website. Hopefully this site will help your child study for their math tests. 
Before every test and quiz you find a study guide and practice quiz or test before we take the real Test or Quiz

Wow! Check this out!

This is a great website that shows you how to do all kinds of math problems. You type in the problem and it walks you through on how to solve the problem.

New Resource
Click below to watch videos for homework assignments. They are organized by lessons. Not all lessons have videos.

Below are some resources you can use to help study for the the Unit 4 Test.

Unit 4 Quick Quiz 1
Unit 4 QQ1 and Answers.pdf

Unit 4 Quick Quiz 2
Unit 4 QQ2 and Answers.pdf

Answers For Pages 143 and 144
Unit 4 Pages 143 and 144 Answers.docx

Unit 4 Practice Test
Unit 4 Practice Test Answers.pdf

Answer the following riddle and bring it to me first thing Friday morning to be entered into a prize drawing. Make sure your first and last name is also on the paper. Do not tell your friends the answer because it reduces your chances of winning a prize.

Mr. Theobald