Daily 5 Reading

CAFÉ Strategy: Read Appropriate Level Texts That

Are a Good Fit

Have you ever spoken with a doctor, auto mechanic, or computer support

person that has given you advice or directions in a language that was

difficult to understand? This is comparable to reading a book that is too

difficult. For readers to have high success in reading, they must spend time

reading material they can read with 99


􀂲 100 percent accuracy. We

encourage students to select books that are a good fit so that they are

successful and enjoy reading. Working on the strategy of reading

appropriate level texts that are a good fit will help your child read smoothly,

engaging in texts they can read without difficulty.

How can you help your child with this strategy at home?

1. When your child goes to read a text, have him or her use the I-­Pick

method to explain why that specific text was chosen.



that a good-­


􀁉􀁌􀁗􀀃􀁅􀁒􀁒􀁎􀀃􀁉􀁒􀁕􀀃􀁜􀁒􀁘􀀢􀀃􀀶􀁋􀁒􀁚􀀃􀁐􀁈􀀃􀁋􀁒􀁚􀀃􀁜􀁒􀁘􀀃􀁎􀁑􀁒􀁚􀀃􀁗􀁋􀁄􀁗􀀑􀂵􀀃􀀃􀀃The I-­Pick

method is described below:



􀂲 I pick a book



􀂲 Purpose (What is my purpose for choosing this book?)



􀂲 Interest (Am I interested in this book?)



􀂲 Comprehend (Do I understand what I just read?)



􀂲 Know (Do I know most of the words?)

2. Model the I-­Pick method for your child. Take a book you are reading and go

through I-­Pick to set an example for what it looks like and sounds like to review

reading selection choices.

3. Help your child recognize when a text is too difficult. They are taught to ask:



Are there five or more words on a page that I don􀂷t know?



Is this book hard to understand?



When I read it does it sound choppy and slow?

Thank you for your continued support at home!


Written by: Allison Behne © www.thedailycafe.com



Ideas and strategies are taken from: The CAFE Book, written by Gail Boushey & Joan Moser