Mayes, B

Ms. Mayes 

A warm welcome to Bates Fifth Grade!

2020 marks my 32nd year of teaching at Bates, and it is still as rewarding as my first year teaching!  I earned my Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University, and my Masters Degree at Eastern Michigan University.

Fifth Grade Expectations
Fifth Grade is an exciting year: the final year in elementary school,  culminating in Fifth Grade Camp. It is a time when we expect students to become more independent as they prepare for middle school. Some of our fifth grade expectations are:
Be present, both mentally and physically, every day. Be on time for class.
Take responsibility for getting work done promptly.
Treat classmates and staff members with respect.

All teachers in our district are required to have a written goal for professional growth. In fifth grade at Bates, students also set written learning goals. The students and I meet regularly to discuss their progress and set new goals. When you discuss your child's goals with them, encourage them to AIM HIGH!