5th Grade Curriculum

Go, Team!

In the fifth grade at Bates, we team teach. Specializing in specific areas of the curriculum means we are able focus in on the best instructional practices for each of our subjects. All three teachers teach language arts to their homeroom, Mr. Theobald teaches Math, Mr. Kozlo teaches Science, and I teach Social Studies. Your child will use a assignment book/planner to keep track of their assignments. Please initial it every day...it is our most immediate form of communication between school and home.

The Language Arts Curriculum

Our district uses common core standards for ELA (English Language Arts), and you will see your child's progress on the report for each of these standards.
We are in the second year of implementing two programs for ELA: Being a Writer, and Making Meaning (reading comprehension.) Both programs focus on working within a learning community.
Our spelling program practices a mix of sight words, root words plus affixes, and (challenging!) academic vocabulary.

Social Studies Curriculum

Because there is not an approved common core curriculum for social studies, we use the state of Michigan curriculum, called the MC3. In fifth grade, this curriculum covers the time of humans first settling in North America, and through the ratification of the Constitution. Although our textbooks are old, they have good information which is both aligned to the MC3, and developmentally appropriate for fifth graders. Your child will not have their own text book; we share them among the three classes. They are allowed to take them home, if needed, however. 
Before a test, I send a study guide home through our school's mass email system. We will work on this information in class, so these study guides are essentially for you to have at home to help your child prepare for tests.

In addition to our study of American History, we make a special point of expressing gratitude to our nation's veterans. Your child will work on thank you letters and posters that we deliver to local V.F.W. and American Legion posts in the area. We are often visited by veterans who share their stories, and all parents are invited to join us...veteran parents and grandparents can share their experiences as well.

A Thank You

This spring, the Veterans of V.F.W. Post 7730 on Grosse Ile were so touched by the children's letters and posters that they made a donation to our classroom to support our study of our country's history. The gift went to fund our patriotic reading nook...please stop by to visit it next time your are in our classroom. Yet another reason we are grateful to our veterans!